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CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: EstoniaCIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Estonia - - List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York. Eesti Pank - Bank of EstoniaEesti Pank - Bank of Estonia - - Central Bank, responsible for monetary policy. Daily fixings, monetary policy, banking system, banknotes and coins and economic indicators.
Eesti Vabariigi RahandusministeeriumEesti Vabariigi Rahandusministeerium - Ministry of Finance. In Estonian and English. - - Estonia - - Database on national elections includes results of the last elections and links to parliaments and parties.
Citizenship and Migration BoardCitizenship and Migration Board - Information for foreigners living in and moving to Estonia. Handles work permits, residence permits and applications for citizenship. [Estonian, English, Russian] Estonia and NATOEstonia and NATO - Information about Estonia's NATO membership.
Estonian Air Navigation ServicesEstonian Air Navigation Services - A state-owned business entity responsible for air traffic management and air traffic safety. [Estonian, English, Russian] Estonian Central Register of SecuritiesEstonian Central Register of Securities - Administers share registers for (listed) joint-stock companies and securities accounts. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Estonian Civil Aviation AdministrationEstonian Civil Aviation Administration - Includes legal and statistical information. [Estonian, English] Estonian Defence ForcesEstonian Defence Forces - Official site representing all the branches of Estonia's armed forces. Includes insignia, information about the military service, history and contact details.
Estonian Legal Language CenterEstonian Legal Language Center - Translations of Estonian legislation into English made available online. [Estonian, English] Estonian Ministry of Foreign AffairsEstonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Includes details of foreign policy, government and ministries, publications, press releases and EU relations.
Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration CentreEstonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre - Has responsibility over the registration of motor vehicles, issuing of driving licences, monitoring of roadworthiness tests and confirming compliance with technical requirements. Site describes procedures, lists fees and contact information. [Estonian, English, Russian] The Estonian Patent OfficeThe Estonian Patent Office - Protection of intellectual property in Estonia. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Road AdministrationEstonian Road Administration - Information about roads and traffic in Estonia. [Estonian, English, Russian] Estonian State WEB CenterEstonian State WEB Center - Estonian Government single-entry point (in English, Estonian, Russian - institutions, offices, www-services, politics and media, catalogues.
Estonian Tax and Customs BoardEstonian Tax and Customs Board - Provides information on taxes, tariffs and regulations. [Estonian, English, Russian] ICL - Estonia IndexICL - Estonia Index - - Complete copies and links to the country's Constitution, along with related background, history and events, provided by International Constitutional Law.
KeskkonnaministeeriumKeskkonnaministeerium - Ministry of the Environment. In Estonian and English. Kultuuriministeeriumi kodulehekülgKultuuriministeeriumi kodulehekülg - Ministry of Culture. In Estonian and English.
Ministry of Economic Affairs and CommunicationMinistry of Economic Affairs and Communication - Drafts and implements economic policy with the objective to create a growing and competitive economy. Covers the Internal market, trade, energy, communication and IT. [Estonian, English, Russian] Ministry of JusticeMinistry of Justice - Information about the legal and court systems. [Estonian, English, Russian]
The President of the Republic of EstoniaThe President of the Republic of Estonia - Official site. Includes duties, speeches, constition and state symbols. [Estonian, English] Republic of Estonia and the IMFRepublic of Estonia and the IMF - News, data and reports concerning the economic and financial situation of Estonia.
RiigikoguRiigikogu - Parliament of Estonia. Official site with introduction, directory of members, committees, history of Toompea castle. The State Chancellery of the Republic of EstoniaThe State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia - Provides support services to the government and the prime minister and information to the public. [Estonian, English, others]
Statistical Office of EstoniaStatistical Office of Estonia - Gathers and publishes Estonia's main economic, social and environmental indicators. [Estonian, English] US Law Library of Congress - EstoniaUS Law Library of Congress - Estonia - - Annotated compendium of online sources providing access to primary documents, legal commentary and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.
Wikipedia - Arnold RüütelWikipedia - Arnold Rüütel - - Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the President of the Republic of Estonia. Wikipedia - Lennart MeriWikipedia - Lennart Meri - - Estonia's first elected post-independence president. A father figure to his nation.


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