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Estonia, Computers and Internet


Computer Science DepartmentComputer Science Department - Department of Tallinn Technical University. The department is a host institution for the bachelor and master level study programmes on Network Software and Logics. Estonian Informatics CentreEstonian Informatics Centre - Development of state registers, computer networks and arranging of data communication in public administration.
Estonian Information Technology SocietyEstonian Information Technology Society - Formation of good communications and information exchange practices between IT companies and users. Improvement of the qualifications and professional level of IT specialists and organising the vocational certification system in the information technology sector. 1K1K - Web development, intranet/extranet solutions, e-commerce and multimedia cd-roms.
MindworksMindworks - Digital media agency - list of projects. Netpoint SystemsNetpoint Systems - Web hosting and e-mail services.
UnicusUnicus - Web hosting provider.


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